What’s in a name?

The name of your product, business or services might just be the most critical element of your brand. Maseem Javed is one of the foremost corporate naming gurus on the planet. He says, “A poor name is the fastest way to hit oblivion.” Maseem’s best-known name is probably “TELUS”, but he has worked with a […]

When is “less is more” boring?

When it isn’t done right. Good graphic design is all about communicating in a concise, clear, visual voice. Gutting the verbose. Boiling the message down into a reduction of its finest juices. The way the sum of the parts are then taken and visually enhanced by the designer can have brilliant results. Unexpected typography, contrasting shapes, […]

Building a logo

Building a logo is the beginning of building the visual brand of your company. Let me define “logo” in my nerdy design terms. A logo can be a symbol (icon) or wordmark (words/typographic treatment) or, usually, a combination of both. A symbol can be extremely powerful and easy to recognize, but it needs a wordmark to […]