Building a logo

Building a logo is the beginning of building the visual brand of your company.

Let me define “logo” in my nerdy design terms. A logo can be a symbol (icon) or wordmark (words/typographic treatment) or, usually, a combination of both. A symbol can be extremely powerful and easy to recognize, but it needs a wordmark to tell the world what the logo represents. This is vitally essential in the beginning stages of a logo’s life as a “brandmark” when brand recognition is at its lowest.

When developing a logo there is a lot to consider. It takes a clear understanding of a company, its products, stakeholders and goals to create an effective visual marker. I find it helps to know a lot about the people and place that make up this brand. Understanding the competition is also essential to helping a business differentiate itself from the pack.

In addition to the creation of symbol and typography, colour has the power to evoke a psychological response from the viewer; it’s a powerful tool. It’s not just about picking a colour you like. Understanding a little psychology around colour and proper colour applications can immensely aid in the presence of your brand. This is where a professional graphic designer can be a big help. We are trained in colour psychology and how each colour affects impression and what it communicates.

For example, have you ever seen a hockey team with a mauve coloured jersey? If you saw one you would remember it though, and you’d probably think those guys don’t take themselves seriously or they just have big cojones! That’s the type of power that colour brings to brand recognition.

Finally, when developing your logo, just like all parts of building your brand, doing the safe thing is sometimes just that, safe. When what it really needs is to be different, recognizable and maybe even ballsy. But most of all it needs to be the right image for your unique company.