Illustrations tell stories efficiently

Imagine putting together something from Ikea with written instruction alone. In fact, most Ikea instruction sheets contain no words at all.

Don’t just think about photography when deciding how to visually tell your story. Given Canada’s cultural landscape and our societal shift to visual thinking, illustrations and iconography have powerful roles to play because of their ability to convey messages quickly in any language.

Illustration can be useful in conveying complex information in a simplified form. This is probably one of the main reasons for the increasing popularity of infographics. Illustration can also be useful in telling the story of how your product works by drawing a “cutaway” to see the guts of something, or by showing an “exploded” view to illustrate how all the parts work together.

Drawings or illustrations can also be an effective alternative to traditional photography, to give a brand more of an artistic appeal or to give a different look to the classic corporate headshot used in annual reports or business biographies.